Executive Coach

Feeling  like an imposter and need to re-evaluate how to get your message accross?

Does the end seems far away? Re-evaluating your life/business? If yes then you need to first decide that you want to move Forward! 

Do you want to start today and Press RESET and begin to REFOCUSING your Life and/or your business!

Whether it is moving forward after a slump in business or you want more for your life but unsure how to get there? Then call me to arrange a free 30 Min Consultation and you can start taking control today! 

Career Coach

Feeling Stuck and can’t move?

Sometimes we think it is the Job? The Company or I want something more, however I do not know how to get there or what that “More” looks like? It might be either of the above however, until you start looking at all of these and see what it is that is making you feel like the boat in the picture then call me to arrange a free 30 Min Consultation and we can take it from there to RECHARGE your Career. It could be that you love what you do and something else is stopping you!

Business Consultancy

In need of some REFOCUS

Too much time spent on tasks costing you time and money? Frustrated by the Administration side of the business and need some advice/guidance? 
Are you in business for years and need to REFOCUS?  If you answered YES to any of the above please call me to arrange a free 30 Min Consultation and we can take it from there. Starting with Discovery – That means we review what it is you need help with and the we come up with an agreed cost effective plan to get there.
Offering you tailored services to address your specific needs. 


Having spent years in the Corporate World in a variety of sectors I (Mairead Healy Founder of Lighthouse Coaching & Consulting) found that while I excelled at my job and enjoyed it, I was not getting the joy and sense of fulfilment that I so dearly craved i.e. I wanted something more fulfilling. As corny as it may sound I want to make a difference in someone’s life and help people be happier in what they do and how they do it, whether professionally or personally. Sometimes it is getting that viewpoint to look at the end goal and how simple steps can help you achieve success. 

Why Coaching ?

The beauty of coaching is; I not here to tell you what to do! it is your life and you decide what you want . I am here to help you get there by asking you powerful questions in safe and confidential place to help unlock the answers that you hold within yourself.
My Vision for my clients is to assist in inspiring you to action your goals and live a fuller happier life. That  Goal can be anything from Walk three times a week, Start Swimming,  Do Art Classes, Change Career, Relationship issues, or just wanting to figure out what would make you happier?

HOW?  In assisting you in being more confident in yourself by highlighting your strengths through tools and positive psychology and powerful questions.
My Core Values:  Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, Empathy and Humour are my top values and I have found these to be the foundations of my coaching practice.
Sometimes it is hearing what you are not saying can be the key to unlock the answers and I will hep you.  For you: You need to be fully committed to moving forward with your life.

Coaching is not Counselling – In Coaching we talk about the Future and Moving Forward and how you can get there by setting goals to achieve your Happiness! Counselling is dealing with the past and issue from that.

If you are ready I will assist you on your journey to reach a Happier Life – Call me today for a Free 30 Min Consultation.




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